World leader in the manufacturing of oculus and ventilation, ANEMOSTAT exists for more than 75 years. The manufacturing of hardware of doors for 40 years puts this company to the rank of the first one on the market. There products: complete range of flame arrestor oculus and firewall, ventilation grids, edges and metal astragals, security oculus and grids for wooden doors and steel doors firewall, products of glazing and flame arrestor and firewall.
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Specialist of more than 50 years in the manufacturing of systems of waterproofness and since almost 20 years in the manufacturing of joints of portals, ATHMER puts its know-how in the service of products of quality. Over the last few decades, the products of the brand ATHMER "Kältefeind*" and "Schall-Ex*" became synonymous of automatic joints of lower edge of doors in the same way as the Fingerschultz system *, the protect fingers system for doors. Contact :
BOHNACKER STORE SOLUTIONS is specialized for 30 years in the store fitting and of development of display stands. His assets: innovative products, excellent value for money, partners in whole Europe.
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Bohnacker and Créa'DIF join to develop and market the European retail website.
Specialized in the manufacturing of wooden or metal staircases, sometimes including both, the company SCAROM creates esthetic, efficient and innovative products in the best value for money. Contact : cyva
Since 1874, the company SCHWARTE makes hinge plates and crankcases to be welded for doors and windows for the residential, commercial and industrial environments. The quality of these products and the pursue of excellence confer Schwarte a national and international reputation. Contact :
First world manufacturer of oculus of surveillance, Vista Matic* focuses in search of manual systems of vision of access control. These life guarantee products are chosen for 40 years by the architects of the world. Used in sectors of health, the education, the business and the high security, they allow a discreet and secure observation. Contact :